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Thunder's Grace: Walking the Road of Visions with my Lakota Grandmother

By Mary Elizabeth Thunder

Thunder's Grace is the tale of a remarkable elder, Grandma Grace Spotted Eagle, who adopted the author and guided her in a spiritual awakening and, over the years, helped refine her spiritual life and gifts. At once harrowing and uplifting, this memoir tells of Thunder's early life. Her abandonment by her mother when she was three weeks old, her survival of alcohol abuse, a dysfunctional family and a broken marriage. It takes us through her experiences with Grandma Grace and other legendary elders such a Wallace Black Elk, Rolling Thunder and Chief Leonard Crow Dog, to the experiences of death during a heart attack that utterly transformed her, and the remarkable years she spent traveling America by van. It culminates in her inclusion in the Sun Dance, one of the worlds oldest and most venerable of sacred initiations. Intimate, painfully honest, and spiritual in essence, this is a book about a woman's quest for meaning amid tow cultures and a compelling account of the visionary side of life. It was written at the request of Grandma Spotted Eagle.

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Product Reviews

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Thunder's book will lift people up and make (the) spirits dance...just like Grandma Grace did!

Wallace Black Elk [co-author, The Sacred Ways of a Lakota]

The legacy of Grace Spotted Eagle is a splendid, intense, impressive expression of native unconditional love that had been shatter as a child, restored in adulthood and passionately transferred to her adopted daughter, Mary Thunder, for preservation.

Twylah Nitsch, Seneca [co-author, Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours]

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