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A Day of Two Suns

A Message From Mary Thunder
Vision 1987
Story Written 1988

        For over 25 years, I heard the Elders talk about a Day with Two Suns which would signal the start of the new planetary consciousness for Man.

        I recognized that day as February 23, 1987.

        I woke up that morning seeing a vision of a Blue Star exploding. I got up sweating and disturbed. I told my companion that something on the planet had changed, that I felt a shift in consciousness. I prayed a lot. We were driving down the road later that same day and saw a boy holding up a newspaper with a picture of the Super Nova. My first thought was, “Oh my God, a Day of Two Suns has happened and it’s in my lifetime just as the Elders said.” We called Rolling Thunder and Sparky in Carlin, Nevada, and they had felt it also. I guess I was nervous so we collected news from Hopi Elders, Grandpa Wallace, and other Elders.

        Then I breathed and realized I was reacting with fear. The Elders had said, “This will be a time when man will have to connect with the planetary consciousness to help heal the Earth. Not to save the Earth per se, but to save themselves as a whole race.” As R.T. says, if the world shakes, then WE will be shook.

        Sitting in prayer and meditation, I went back to a time when I was always praying for the healing of Mother Earth. One day Spirit tapped me on the shoulder & said, “What if healing Mother Earth would be to get rid of all the people? THEY are what is messing up the Earth.” Wow! I remembered that when I received the Sacred Pipe to carry across the land, my instructions were “Pray for the people so the people will live.”

        I sat and thought about the other parts of the Prophesy. I feel prophecies are given to us as possible outcomes if we don’t wake up and participate in the change. Seeds would rain down on the planet, begetting new consciousness- A New Consciousness, like when the human race was formed here on Earth millions of years ago. I wondered what the seeds would be. Sure enough, while in Big Indian, New York at Rudi’s Ashram, we met Augusta Ogden, who told us about neutrinos and showed us a picture and story all about the Super Nova. It all fit together!

        The prophesy said that there would be a Day of Two Suns (our Sun and the Super Nova), then Father Sun would make love to Mother Earth (Explosion) and seeds of the new consciousness would rain down (Neutrinos). Now Mother Earth is pregnant and she is birthing a new dimension so we, as a race, have some 25 years or less to raise our consciousness to be in tune with the Oneness of Universal Truth.

        GOD is our image of what we are BECOMING. We have to take responsibility for how we envision our future as a planet as a whole. We have to quit wallowing in our own “poopoo caca” and see the Big Picture. None of us is the same as we were on February 23, 2987. We must start “Walking our Talk.” We must explore our Visions for Humanity, see no scarcity and get out there and work in action to make a difference.

        The cosmic high consciousness  God  has opened the golden vessels of knowledge for us to drink from. But we have to empty our own vessels of personal stuff to be able to take in the sweet nectar of Universal Truth. I feel we all chose to be here on this planet for this Happening. Now that the Director has said, “ACTION!”, what are YOU doing in service, in action for the Universe?

        We have been entrusted with the Wisdom of the Universe. Our Purpose is to let it flow through our hearts in a sharing with the rest of humanity. AHO! Let’s get going today. Be in service. Live in pure awareness. Flatness of emotions and gratefulness are the keys, since our emotionalism has always kept us in our ego (lack of consciousness). We are caught in the Karmic wheel of Good & Bad. We must develop the consciousness of a centered, balanced existence from which the Creator can talk to us and guide us into right action. We learn about surrendering our will to the Will of the Great Mystery, for we are pitiful, small beings without our higher consciousness. Without the intervention of God, mankind’s mind is bent on destruction.

Many in the Western world have lost a sense of living  aliveness. There is little respect, morality, or faith. Happiness is no longer in abundance. Look at the faces. Where is the radiance? The spiritually dead culture has become as the living dead (zombies). But happiness is ALWAYS available; our “poopoo caca” doesn’t let us experience it.

        The Native Peoples follow a very simple religion. They follow the laws of Father Sun and Mother Earth and the Great Spirit, Creator, Tunkashila. They knew the Sun to be the center of powerful magnetic energies whose life force each living thing depended on. Mother Earth is divine and sacred. She is composed of five elements: Moon, Sun (fire) water, earth, and air. Grandpa Wallace says fire, water, rock and green.
All learning begins from within, with knowing, respecting oneself, i.e. respecting Mother Earth, because we are born on her, from her, and nourished by our Father Sun everyday. Native Americans believe all children (all of us) everywhere come from one father and one mother, so we are all brothers and sisters on Planet Earth.

        Today after 2,000 years, the Sun is rising anew, bringing health, purity and wisdom for the new balancing and healing of all Humanity. It is believed at this time on Earth that many Peoples, especially indigenous people, have incarnated from the Heart of the Sun spiritually and have come to teach spiritual laws of father and mother. On last summer’s solstice, Incas, Aztecs, and Native American tribes said messages were delivered by the sun god, bringing the announcement of the dawning of a new era. Humanity must return to the Natural Way & learn spiritual laws of old for we have become artificial. We suffer from spiritual malnutrition because we have separated ourselves from Mother Nature. There is a continual fight between man and nature. Guess who will ultimately win? Spiritual, political, and economic “ego” has upset the balance and, as many Elders say, set us on the dark road…”The Road of No Illumination.”

        Rolling Thunder says that all the pollution on Earth comes from the minds of man. We must make our own lives spiritual 24 hours a day. LIVE that way. Eat and drink natural foods without chemicals. Give up alcohol and drugs and other poisons to our system. They only confuse, dull, and degenerate the mind and body. The Plastic Culture is a passing fashion, which will soon subside with the renewal of spiritual consciousness of the natural solar culture.

        My Grandmother used to get so upset when I put plastic pampers on my children. She could not understand plastic and nature mixing. I see now that it can’t.

        We are at the time of illumination of Planet Earth. We have a message of love and peace for the revolution of spiritual consciousness in these last years before the great change.

        As a Sun Dancer, I bring a message of healing from the Sun Behind the Sun. Healing in a balanced way; male/female, positive/negative, Father Sun/Mother Earth. The Native Americans were always the ones with secrets of “grounding” and of balance of those opposing forces. We must return to the Natural ways. We must heartfuly learn we are a part of All That Is. Mother Earth is within us and we are within her. We CAN recognize ourselves as temples or vehicles of the Great Mystery, God, and return to the original instructions of Spiritual Laws for Guidance. We learn to heal with the natural medicines of pure air, clean water, fertility and solar rays.

        We are children of the seven senses, seven charkas, seven rays. All nations of the world, from the beginning, have the name natural flag - the rainbow. All blood is the same color, the color of the Living Fire! Grandma used to say we were like a bouquet of flowers: different colors, all the same, beautiful in a bouquet. Seven colors unify all the nations of the Great Spirit, past, present, future.

        Let’s become alive. Let’s work to change the negativity in our lives, thoughts, and the ways we live! We must wake up  Must-Must-Must!  to receive illumination. We must return to the basics and get to know ourselves and the teacher within all of us. Man must QUIT USING the forces of Mother Nature in a willful and destructive way. The heart of the Sun is open for all of us to heal ourselves, i.e. Mother Earth. The time for choice, for all of us, is RIGHT NOW.

        Pray for the people so the people might live.
        AHO Mitakuye Oyacin