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Jack Clark Rehab Program

Picture in Memoriam of Denise "Rainbow" Clark-Downing, Larry Downing


After knowing Denise for quite some time, she invited me to come share my experiences at her father's alcohol rehabilitation program...Jack Clark's Family Center. Since I have spent many, many, hours in Alcohol & Drug Rehab I was excited to go.

As we drove through Chicago into the "inner"...I noticed how "not so nice" the neighborhoods were becoming...as Denise says, "I moved from the suburbs into one of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago, the police call it the Zone." As we drove up, saw many, many, motorcycles & a very rough place to go into with...All the markings of a Bar. We were waved over & some motorcycles moved & our Van was positioned & then the motorcycles kind of parked around it to protect it. As I got out, I was laughing & wanting to go for a ride on a "Hog". A really neat guy, named Larry, who would later become Denise's husband, escorted us into the Bar. Now this bar was not stocked with "Booze" but rather soft drinks, snacks, & sundry things...as I looked around I saw Pool Tables & games & lots & lots of people everywhere, sober, happy, & joyous.

Denise is one of the first ones to come & ask me to write a book about "POMS" ~~ "The Path of Maximum Service" where through a vision gifted me by Spirit from the Sundance, I have shared from my experience of the Native Ceremonies & the 12 Steps & correlated them together. Using Meditations, exercises, ceremonies, & role play, besides information from specialists like AA Counselors & others, we give lots of information to use & put into peoples lives to help them work through their lives...especially with their emotions. Soon Denise will be a certified councillor of POMS & share this energy with those she works with herself...I wonder does that mean I can't go back?

I walked into a full house that night, knowing that I was proud to be there & would hoped that I was invited back many times again to...Jack Clarks Family! People helping People.

Love, Thunder