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Happy Harmonic Convergence

Dearest Charla...Happy 20th Anniversary of Harmonic Convergence I made many prayers this morning.

Congrats to you for 20 years of dedication to spirit & the vision of helping people & the land of Hawk wind.

I am looking forward to my journey to see you soon at the Medicine Wheel Gathering. I am excited about coming & as one of the invited Elders...what ever you wish me to do will be great.

Last night on the way to hear my friend Teri, who channels an angel named Janith...it was amazing...I remembered where I was 20 years ago & if memory serves me right...John was there too. My son Chief Richard, Chief Mike Hull, & Sparky were there, (those are the ones you know) with a whole group of other wonderful friends.

I was on the top of a mountain called Pilot Knob right out of Asheville, Oregon & in the Sun dance. Grandpa Wallace was the Sun dance Chief. I remember him coming to the Sweat Lodge fire in the middle of the night (I was sitting beside the fire, could not sleep, & cold as heck, & he said, 'Daughter, we got to start dancing for the ancestors are coming." So I started my part of getting everyone up & ready to go. Out in the arbor, all of us wrapped in blankets we danced to the alignment of stars in the midnight black night sky with the stars all twinkling back their awareness of us. This was pretty cool.

Then I heard a rum..rum..rum...& something big (as the whole sky) & dark came over the arbor. (Some dancers later related they could see stars in the sky beyond the arbor) It started to mist...cool mist raining down on us. Then Grandpa came over & got me. We went to the tree of life & he said, "Pray daughter, pray hard for all of us." Just as he on one side & me on the other touched the tree this huge bright light came from the darkness downward towards us. All the male dancers started blowing on their whistles & everyone was cheering & yelling. Then after a few minutes, with Grandpa & Charles Chipps yelling to pray to the ancestors so that life as we knew it would go on for the people...there was this bright flash & then there was the sky again. Wow oh Wow. Grandpa turned to me, who was kind of still holding onto the tree of life really firmly, & said, "Hyper Space" & laughed. Sparky would later tell me that the supporters who had gotten us to pray for us as we danced in the dark, could not see anything, it was like the whole arbor had disappeared but they felt the mist & looked up & saw a clear brisk sky above. Well that's it. Big One for sure. At 10:24 AM 8/17/2007, you wrote:

>From: <hawkwind@bellsouth.net>

>Date: 2007/08/17 Fri AM 11:14:27 EDT


> Good Morning from the flaming hot state of Alabama, We are on our 11th day of heat over 110 and the land shows it. The creek is bone dry, and the plants wilt as fast as we can water them. We pray and give thanks each day for all of the life around us and work the land with heart... early in the morning and after the sun goes down!

> TODAY IS THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY SINCE THE HARMONIC CONVERGENCE AND THE FIRST DAY OF GIVING THE HAWKWIND VISION TO SPIRIT TO BRING FORTH. At Dawn on that day my two daughters and I stood as East Gatekeepers of the Cannunpa along with many of our old Bear Tribe, NAIN, RAMA, and South Eastern Earth Alliance members. On that day we all made a pledge to the Earth, to the Elders, to each other. ON that day we all joined hands and prayed together. A fine man named Golden Eagle Bear joined by Whote Hawk, Silver Hawk and a long list of cool people, visioned this place and support system that has developed over the years. That is how we got here. This is why we keep growing and shifting to meet the ever expanding needs of the young ones.

> As we raise this Medicine Wheel, we are rekindling a Spirit  that came to the land in those first years of our building community together. We are re-membering the Vision of healing and wholeness that brought us all together with the Elders of the Medicine Wheel for so many years. We are remembering our brother, Elder and Friend SUN BEAR, who brought his Medicine Wheel blessings to Hawkwind in our first years.

> The Medicine Wheel is a gathering of like minded souls, families with children to be blessed and honored. IT is workshops and lodges, it is ceremonies and song, it is drumming and dancing, it is honoring of all nations who have come together to be mindful gatekeepers in these precious Earth Change times. It is a family reunion and a finding of new friends and family. It is wisdom of the Elders being passed into the hands of the next generations....and we are almost at capacity...


> Elders & helpers will be somewhere between 20 - 30 (Folks  are wanting to bring their Elders to this Wheel honoring, and we are making room for more each day.)

> STAFF and work study is full....call us if this is what is holding you back from coming

> Children are at numbers of somewhere between 20 - 30...with Auntie Heather & Hyordis heading up that group, Elders are gathering treasures to share with them and need real numbers.

> Adult guests flying in from all over the world and in need of loaner tents in the range of 20 - 30....anyone having tents or extra camp chairs,  feel free to bring them to share.

> Adults guests who have paid the $150, and seats are held... 40 plus Adult guests who asked us to hold them space, but checks have not arrived  50 plus Adult guests who are in the ind almost ready to commit...the phone rings each day, and e-mails keep coming....now real reservations will hold seats in the field.

> FRIDAY NIGHT IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC BY RESERVATION AS WE  DEDICATE THE WHEEL AND OFFER A SPECIAL PROGRAM....right now we have over 50 reservations for that event.. If there are more planning to come for just Friday night, please let me know so I can make arrangements.

> Parking . Porta JOhns, and food must be arranged...so WE MUST KNOW REAL NUMBERS ASAP, PLEASE. Registration to help pay for Elders plane tickets and get the supplies is $150 right now, on August 26th it goes up to $200.....Food plan is $30 for the weekend....if we do not know you are coming, we will not have enough food, we have a caterer coming to cook, and must have full numbers for her no later than Sept 10th to order food.

> Staff, can come whenever able...bring food to share until Thursday night, please.

> Elders and support may come as early as Thursday and stay through Monday... again, we need to know so we can arrange shuttles, meals, beds and life.....We have limited rides out of Atlanta and Birmingham...the Chattanooga and Nashville

>Airports have shuttles that can connect you to Hawkwind IF we know at least a week in advance.


> ASAP...We are thrilled that you want to share this extra special event with us...We want to honor the hundreds of people who have kept the vision alive and the hundreds who have helped us build Hawkwind from nothing but heart and devotion to the process of supporting that vision of personal and planetary healing.

> Our programs have stayed constant for 20 years, and will  now grow into the next level of this vision. If for some reason you can't be with us in Sept...please come when you can, so we can share this Sacred portal of healing with you and your family.

> OUR NEXT BIG CELEBRATION WILL BE ON OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY OF  THE DEDICATION OF THE LAND...EARTH DAY 2008...with a Spirit Dance and many workshop surprises...our 20 year's of pictures and music...and now it is all about our Grandchildren......

> Many Blessings

> Charla & Tarwater...20 years later