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Medicine Wheel Update

Good Morning Charla... I am so excited about coming to be with you all... At the graciousness of Jacqueline Gelzer who got my tickets & Will Hoffpaugh Minister of the Church of Light there in Huntsville, who gifted a place to share, I am truly on my way. Be well & see you in 10 Days! I am so glad you got that 7 foot stone in place, for Grams Barbara Meister-Vitale & I were wondering if John had that job for us!
This visit with you all is universally important...Sister Barbara & I were talking about that importance last nite. Actually out of all my years on the road, this I do believe, is the first time I am just coming because it was important to my heart...I asked the universe & you for this trip. Then loving hearts made it happen. Usually I have to go for spirit...but this time I had to go for my own heart. I am leaving on Thursday for my High School Reunion, a visit with my kids John & Sherri in Indy, stopping off in Chicago for a visit with relatives & then onto Huntsville where Jacqueline will 'tote' me up there. I am in so much respect for you Charla & John... I want to celebrate this with you. Be well & see you soon! Thunder


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Subject: Medicine Wheel Update....last minute notes
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Good Morning Family,

So we are on the last ten days of GET IT DONE!

Yesterday the Creator Stone went up and now towers 7 feet in the center of the Wheel. The Men prayed and lifted. (it was so cool to have Joseph and Martin at Tarwater's side, just as they were 19 years ago) This time no rain, and the women sang, and the children giggled and it was all a grand day, that was capped off with a trip to the lodge to cleanse and pray for all that we need to bring this vision forth. Next weekend is the final prep weekend...all hands on deck.

We are so blessed with such a grand support crew. Saturday Marilyn, Kathy, Atma, Charla, Nicki, and Annie cooked all day, filling the freezer with loads of wonderful soups and chili's. Meanwhile Libby, Alisha, Doug, Tonya, Krista and Lewis, were joined by Martin while the camp areas were cleeaned, the facilites put in order and signs were put into place to assist everyone whith what, when, where, and how...

The out door kitchen clean up and recyling area was put into place and picnic tables cleaned. Inside, table clothes went on the mess hall tables, and cookies went in the next freezer, and dishes were cleaned and readyied at the cofee/tea bar. At the three new lodges, Joseph and Hyordis hauled trauck loads of wood, cut it into proper length to go with the trailer of rocks that Lee hauled in. and Tarwater checked things off the list and cut grass.

Sun Bear's Altar coming together, the trading post almost cleaned.....the children are getting all excited and Charla sorts through the registration materials to make sure everyone has tents, mats, chairs and a happy way to get in and out. Wind Daughter and Lynnn are driving back from Grandpa Bear Heart's where they have just done ceremony with him, purchased him a new hat and boots. He IS planning to carry the Buffalo Skull into the Wheel and make the blessings, just as planned. We hear Mary Thunder getting closer, and have spoken to Randy North Star who tells of a group plan that includes Diane Duggan, Page Bryant and Scott Guynup...Old Bear Tribe Fire crew and Teachers respond each day.. Grandma Barabra has packed and repacked her wardrobe changes..and at least 70 of you have actually gotten your registration in...WOULD THE REST OF YOU PLEASE LET US KNOW RIGHT AWAY, SO I CAN BUY FOOD NEXT WEEK....PLEASE, PLEASE. Our mail has been slow, and some of you ...like 40 have told me that you already mailed checks, but I have not received them....ummmmmm I am holding your space.

FRIDAY NIGHT DETAILS...Friday Night's ritual of awakening the Wheel is open to the public. We do need to know you are coming, however, so we can let you know where to park and where to meet....Please let us know right away, and plan to be here no later than 6:30 so we can get you organized into the process. We have over a dozen guest Elders attending this evening only and would like to make sure everyone has coffee and is comfortable. Thanks

Elder's...some of you have asked about gifting Elders, and that is wonderful. We have over a dozen coming and it is always nice, if you wish to bring a token of your esteem. It can be a tobacoo offering with a little green energy to help with their travels. (MANY OF THESE ELDERS ARE COMING AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE, JUST TO BE WITH YOU) You may bring a little pouch with a magical offering inside, BUT do remember that many are flying, so keep the gifts small and simple and air port security proff. Like no lighters, or feathers or materials that might cause challenges. Most Elders travel light and appreciate the simple means to get from one place to another. Most Elders spend lots of time sleeping in vans, on couches and in strange homes so that they can serve the people. All of the Elders coming here are doing this to bless each of you as their give away. So please be mindful of that. The seminar fees have gone to direct costs like porta johns, postage and s upport of the Bear Tribe's new home. The meal ticket costs are going directly into buying good organic foods to cook for you and to provide you with a grand honoring feast of our Rainbow Tribe reunion..

We are quite excited to know that so many of you are chosing to come to honor Sun Bear in this manner, as well as to honor each other. We are doing all we can to provide you with a weekend to remember.

May you all be blessed as you pack to come, and remember to bring your own mugs and dishes to wash, if you can. (we do have back up) And remeber to bring layers of clothes and lots of smiles. You may bring drums, rattles, and stones to bless at the Wheel. Bring you camera and a smile...and a chair to sit on at seminars and rituals.

Drive carefully and see us soon. Registration begins at 3pm Friday...anyone arriving earlier than that is probably going to be put to work...hahahaha....

blessings to one and all
Charla and the crew


* We will be holding Quest camp and initiations honorings the second weekend in May. Lodge will be on Saturday night with a sleep out for the festivities on Sunday morning. Those of you who have taken levels one and two of the Alchemical healing courses will receive your certification as we also honor those who have  quested this season and those who are preparing to dance and quest in the coming months, as well.

* May women's lodge will be held Saturday the 26th. A class STARTS at 10am....we will be complete at 7ish.

* May Men's lodge is Sunday the 27th at 10am....to be complete after pot luck dinner at 6ish.

* We are working on the Wheel and the Dance grounds every weekend in between! Please call if you can join us, it's a blessing and big fun.


* kIDS kAMP IS JULY 27TH - 29TH...unless we hear from you this week that you need the other weekend. pLEASE RESPOND, so we can make some plans that need to be made NOW.

* Alchemcial Healing classes and certification program starts up again on August 11th and 12th. It is $80 for the weekend with pot luck meals. We need to know by August first for the materials count. I HAVE NICKI'S NEW BOOK ON THE EGYPTION HEALING, AND HER FIVE CD'S IN STOCK. They will be for sale each weekend we  have gatherings...in our reestablished trading post located in the mess hall. ( We will have skirts, shirts and goodies for sale at all gatherings coming up.)

* October 5th - 7th will be a very special HONORING THE QUESTING SOUL OF WOMAN...weekend.  This is a Spiritual retreat and fast, supported by lodges and ritual for your personal healing and spiritual focus. Please contact Charla for details. Commitments to this program must be received no later than July 1st.

Meanwhile, we send you all blessings and remind you to grow corn...really man, we must all find ways to grow corn as we face this Sacred time of transformation.

We are anxious to share with each and every one of you in some Sacred Circle this year. If not in person, than within the ethers of our prayers, our songs, our drummings and dancing times....may we all remember to remain connected as one heart, one mind. AS PEACE PREVAILS THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE!!!

Charla & the Hawkwind crew await your visits.