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Sunbear Medicine Wheel


Good Morning,

It is cool today, yesterday was hot and the day before was  freezing...ummmm. I have just replanted the garden and have prayed that many of our flowers and fruits will revive.

I am watching some video I shot with Sun Bear in 1987 and he is telling us of what would come in our life time...and here we are.( Missing you big brother, missing you alot today. Sure do wish you were still here to give us some magic solutions that would be bigger than the challenges we are all facing....) Oh yeh, he did....... I remember as I walk up to the Medicine Wheel that Tarwater has poured his heart and soul into as he takes his younger pals through the journey of a real creation that will last long after we are all gone from this world. Sun Bear and oh so many more left us with clues and circles of energy and healing to continue to restore the earth and to learn to better take care of ourselves while living in harmony with the earth and all she provides. We are now learning to live with less...as it should be....and should this weather, gas prices and chemical imbalance continue, we will learn to live with even less...yet somehow, it feels if by sucking it in right now, we will all live in a richer society, ever so soon. I pray forward each day and give gratitude for the celebration we are all planning as the wars and dis-ease will be over and the time of balance will be restored. Watching that happen and saying goodbye to so many friends is hard. It reminds me to put value in every day that I am blessed to walk this earth. It reminds me to turn off the Tv noise and to put on some healing music or some wisdom words of Elders to keep the inspiration flowing.

Right now we are getting the Medicine Wheel information together. SEPTEMBER 21ST - 23RD.

Our staff positions are full, as so many have come to help prepare the land and to train for the fire of the lodges and the support of the Elders. If you pre-register before August the fee for the Friday through Sunday event is $150. It is $200 if you wait, and our space is limited. Please get your pre-registration in early to make sure your space is secure. It is a camping event, unless you want to stay at local hotels, bed & breakfasts, etc. We will be providing and huge feast and celebration on Saturday night, all other meals will be at your camp site...or a food booth of soups, breads, and salads for a minimal rate will be offered. CHILDREN UNDER 12 COME FOR NO CHARGE.

We are very excited about this as Wind daughter, Bear heart and Grandmother Terry Eaton, and even Diane Duggan and several other old Bear Tribe friends will be joining the circle to honor our old friend, Elder and teacher Sun Bear. We will not only be re-awakening his Medicine Wheel in a new memorial garden, but we will also be offering a memorial "museum" of his books, tapes and teachings for you to remember and to receive the blessing of his wake up call to a nation of Rainbow Earth keepers. Many of these tapes are being shown for the first time, as we have collected over thirty years of memories to share with you.

As for other Hawkwind news:

* We are still looking for someone to live in the Tipi for the season and help us work the land. Which is a mighty juicy treat.

* We will be holding Quest camp and initiations honorings the second weekend in May. Lodge will be on Saturday night with a sleep out for the festivities on Sunday morning. Those of you who have taken levels one and two of the Alchemical healing courses will receive your certification as we also honor those who have  quested this season and those who are preparing to dance and quest in the coming months, as well.

* May women's lodge will be held Saturday the 26th. A class STARTS at 10am....we will be complete at 7ish.

* May Men's lodge is Sunday the 27th at 10am....to be complete after pot luck dinner at 6ish.

* We are working on the Wheel and the Dance grounds every weekend in between! Please call if you can join us, it's a blessing and big fun.


* kIDS kAMP IS JULY 27TH - 29TH...unless we hear from you this week that you need the other weekend. pLEASE RESPOND, so we can make some plans that need to be made NOW.

* Alchemcial Healing classes and certification program starts up again on August 11th and 12th. It is $80 for the weekend with pot luck meals. We need to know by August first for the materials count. I HAVE NICKI'S NEW BOOK ON THE EGYPTION HEALING, AND HER FIVE CD'S IN STOCK. They will be for sale each weekend we  have gatherings...in our reestablished trading post located in the mess hall. ( We will have skirts, shirts and goodies for sale at all gatherings coming up.)

* October 5th - 7th will be a very special HONORING THE QUESTING SOUL OF WOMAN...weekend.  This is a Spiritual retreat and fast, supported by lodges and ritual for your personal healing and spiritual focus. Please contact Charla for details. Commitments to this program must be received no later than July 1st.

Meanwhile, we send you all blessings and remind you to grow corn...really man, we must all find ways to grow corn as we face this Sacred time of transformation.

We are anxious to share with each and every one of you in some Sacred Circle this year. If not in person, than within the ethers of our prayers, our songs, our drummings and dancing times....may we all remember to remain connected as one heart, one mind. AS PEACE PREVAILS THROUGHOUT THE UNIVERSE!!!

Charla & the Hawkwind crew await your visits.