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Bags by Sherry Whitefeather


Beautiful, original Medicine Bags
               by Sherry Whitefeather. 


Each bag is made from premium quality leather suede and has been hand sewn and embroidered on the front panel.  Bags measure approximately 4x5 inches to 5x6 inches, excluding fringe.

All beads on the Medicine Bags are glass, are handmade, and have been purified in Wind, Water, Earth and Fire. 

The colors of the beads on most Medicine Bags are the Lakota colors;

  • East-Yellow
  • South-White
  • West-Black
  • North-Red
  • MotherEarth-Green
  • FatherSky-Blue
  • GreatMystery-Purple

Bags come with a strap for wearing around the neck or belt, or strap can be removed for carrying. Please be assured this is a quality product.  Medicine Bags comes with small sage bundle and healing stone.



Thunderbird - $100Feathers - $100Turtle - $100Chakras - $100White Buffalo - $100Hummingbird - $100

The bags are priced by the size of the embroidery.  The Panda Bear, the Koala Bear, the Dragon, The Grizzly and the Wolf are $100. The others are $100.
Panda Bear- $100Koala Bear- $100Dragon - $100Grizzly Bear - $100Wolf - $100


Custom bags made upon your request starting at $100. Please contact me with any questions.  whitefeathers_teepee@yahoo.com