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What Women Are Saying


What women are saying about Burqas Ceremony

 =====> Rose Alisandre from Arkansas (rosealisandre@sbcglobal.net)

Thunder...Thank you. I rented and watched the movie "Water" the other night. It is a beautiful and devastating film about the culture of widows in India. It broke my heart, so hard to see a reality for women that still exists. We must not stop the dance or the prayer. Love Rose

 =====> Denise Downing from Chicago (deniserainbow@sbcglobal.net)

Oh my god that is intense and too much a tear jerker. Whow is this gonna be intense. Whow God thank God for our freedom.

Love, Denise

=====> Marallyn in Israel. (Marallyn@gmail.com)
Thanks thunder... i am sending this off on my blog... still gasping...

(Estrella's Story of Universal Burqas)

a sweet day to you...stay safe...love marallyn

=====> Anne Loveless from Arkansas (loveless@aristotle.net)

I always feel deep emotions when I think of the ceremony and the lives of these women who live within the burqas


=====> Sohaila Hussain in Egypt

What a great idea, thank you for all the women, feel i wanted to be there, but i'll be there with my spirit, do that thunder, unwrap  women from there ties, and ignorance,,, free us,, i'm praying with you,, allo the support, and big love,,,,,egypt,,,,sohaila