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2009 Elders Gathering

"Words for a World in Crisis and Much, Much More"

Elders Praying at Sunset

  October 9th, 10th, & 11th, 2009 at Thunder Ranch, West Point, Texas

Yesterday we got out & I went to visit Teri Griswald (Just a little fyi ~Teri is one of the elders herself… She Channels an angel named ‘Janith’; she has written many books; & she is the editor of ‘Something Inside So Strong’), Rosie, & Ashley in their new place called ‘Chels Coffee Café in Smithville. I had gotten an email that they wanted to Feed the Elder’s again… & guess who is helping them with $$$ for the food … our next Door Neighbor Greg Smith who we borrow the tractor from to mow the grass. I was so happy to see my friends again in their new place & get this news. Thank you Greg that is such a wonderful surprise from such a great neighbor.

2008 Elders GatheringLast year, Teri, Rosie, Ashley, & Mari Claiborn did a wonderful feast to honor the elders on Friday Nite at their Wild Fire Cafe. As a traveling elder I can tell you it is rare where when we are all talking together at an event or gathering that we even get to just sit & talk to each other let alone get to sit like family & talk… so this has been a marvelous tradition & part of the Renewal of Spirit Gathering. It always feels good to have the elders love the food, folks, & get the catch up with each other.  Renewal of Spirit Nurturing l0l that’s what my friends offered & shared. 

In fact for the last two years at our Renewal of Spirit Gatherings, ‘Wild Fire Café’ hosted completely ‘free’ the Elders. Having been on the road so long that to me this was amazing for I personally got so much nurturing from just being able to sit with all the elders, listening to them talk, share about prophecies, themselves, or whatever they felt at the moment, before they had to go into the crowd of people. It was an intimate gathering. 

Fire at Alum CreekNow this wonderful tradition was  gone, I thought. Because last Feb 28th Alum Creek burn down. There was a great fire that burn nearly 800 acres along an area of HWY 71 & several of those affected are our good friends Teri, Rosie, Mari, Billy, & India, & so many other friends. I can’t believe that just last week I had stopped into Teri & Rosies shop & the headquarters of their AA meetings… & Teri gave me two tables that I took to Joshua & Amanda & new baby Mackinzie in their new home in Lagrange; & two candles one for protection & one for Angel Blessings… these candles were burning when I was first was informed & kept burning for a week asking for prayers. I don’t know how many people were affected. But I do know that Alum Creek & my friends have touched hundreds & hundreds of people for the better. I can not fathom why the fire would of not only touch but wipe out Alum Creek. I will never forget their generosity & love & good feelings, I remember Mari talking in Tlakaelels language to him & he was so happy. Bert told me that it just so touched her heart. Some amazing moments of each elder talking about the Prophecies were shared.  I got the message to the Spiritual Warriors, who feel deeply with passion of life, they have helped many people to learn the journey from their soul to their heart, & they will go thru this powerful lesson of purification by fire.

So now the Friday Nite Elder’s feast is back on. As the participants come to the land on Friday we are going to again meet to gather questions & perhaps have a video of elders showing.

So come one come all for ‘Words for a World going Crazy’ & much, much, more. I have shared some photo’s I hope they open up because they came in a different way. Love Thunder


Thunder, Bert and Tlakelel

Teri send out this email…Teri Griswald Janitht8@aol.com Sunday, March 01, 2009 10:12 AM
We wish to thank everyone for their prayers & healing energy that is being sent our way. We are opening another page in our story. Serenity star is now showing itself to be a more timely project than we once thought so if anyone knows of a house or building to rent at this time we would love to hear from you! AA is looking to relocate ASAP. We love you all and have so much gratitude for all those who have touched our lives through "The Creek" Blessings, Teri and Rosie

From Elder Bert Gunn…hi Thunder,  gosh, what sad news. Is everybody ok? Did they lose everything? They are such dears, but I guess fire does not take that into account. Please let the gals know we all are praying for them. lots of love, bert


Thunder Ranch welcomes confirmation of

One of our Elders


Adi Vkara Coming to Elder's Gathering


Proponent of indigenous cultures, sun dancer and writer. Born of African American and Native American descent, she began to develop her intuitive skills at an early age, under the guidance of her maternal grandmother. Since then Vkara has devoted herself to the study of meta-physics and the mastery of indigenous techniques in visualization, meditation and past life recall. She put her abilities to the test by creating and hosting the controversial radio talk show, “The Mind’s Eye”, where she introduced her audiences to metaphysics, holistic medicine, indigenous cultures, numerology, visualization, aromatherapy and many alternative topics new to radio at that time.

Vkara knew early in life, that her mission was to re-trace her entire soul’s journey on this planet by recalling and balancing all her past life experiences. This led her through timeless doorways in many exotic places in Africa, North America, Mexico, Europe, Egypt and the South Pacific to reconnect with the places, people and cultures from her ancient past. She has been accepted into many cultures through traditional initiations, ceremonies and ritual naming. In New Zealand and Fiji, Vkara was recognized as a returning ancestor. In Fiji Vkara’s title of Adi, hereditary female Chief was re-stored. Adi Vkara is a member of the World Peace Keepers Council of Chiefs and Traditional Leaders and proudly represents her people at many indigenous global gatherings . She has received numerous honors and titles for her tireless work on behalf of her world family.


You are invited to join us as we move forward into the year 2012 to share your energy with the Elders & to sit & listen to them talk about the prophesies.

ALL AT Thunder Ranch
Church of the Blue Star
INVITE YOU TO "Words for a World in Crisis and Much, Much More" AT Thunder Ranch

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