Steven Sachs PHD. - Muqit

Professor Steven Sachs PH.D, Muquit, is perhaps my oldest friend at this council. Going back some 30 years, our friendship has taken us thru the building of the very first Native American Center in Indiana. He has never forgotten me as I journeyed down the road, making sure I had a place to talk when I came in town  & by getting birthday presents for me & sometimes delivering them to where I was at the moment.

A Professor of political science, Stephen Sachs has been involved in expanding the Indiana American Indian JTPA job training program into a multi-service Indiana American Indian Community Center.  He is working toward building a harmonious Native American community in the state.  He is a passionate supporter of the traditional Native American ceremonial way of life and in 1996 was invited to be a member of the Peace Council at Wolf Song VI held in West Point, Texas.

I am one who finds my center in working through the heart.  My task is to help us remember that our way to the future is through applying the ancient principle of mutual respect: of each other, of all ways and traditions, of spirit, of the Earth and all that it is.  I do this on the spirit level through supporting and participating in ceremony, including Sufi Zikr, Ute and Lakota Sun Dances and the Shoshone Naraya.  In the practical tribal ways of inclusive consensus decision making in work places, in consulting, assisting in returning indigenous communities to sovereignty, self-sufficiency and harmony.