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Sat. Night Stone People Lodge

Saturday Night

            Stone People's Lodge

Ceremony at

Thunder Ranch                  

West Point, Texas

Since November 1989, at Thunder Ranch, there has been always a Saturday Night Sweat Lodge. The lodge usually starts around Sunset. All are encouraged to come out early and help with preparation of the ceremony.

There are always ranch projects that are needed to be done. We always appreciate those that come early to help, and working could help you move your energy. Call before to check out the project list if you are interested.

Please Bring Food to share. Sharing of Food is always a part of the ceremony--light and healthy fare is always good for all. (Thunder likes fried chicken) The feast after the lodge, always is a combined effort of those participating, as well as clean up afterwards.

At Thunder Ranch we live on faith, so it is always appreciated if folks feel like bringing extra's…Staples such as coffee, tea bags, filters, creamer, garbage bags, toilet tissue, paper goods, potatoes, onions, eggs, cooking oil, etc.

Most folks call ahead to see what may be needed and get there early so that you can partake of the whole ceremony! Please do not bring pets.

Sparky Shooting Star holds a once a month Saturday Sweat Lodge at New Paltz, New York.
*Sweat lodges: held at sundown at The Center for Symbolic Studies in New Paltz, NY
       'please arrive early 2-3pm, to help prepare'
                Contact Michele in NYC (631)766-5936 or Eesh21@gmail.com
                      or Liz (917)294-8636

 We also have Sweat Lodge in  Southeastern New Hampshire 3 or 4 times a year:
        *Sweat lodges in New Hampshire: held at sundown, in Windham, NH
              'Please arrive early 1-2pm, to help prepare'
                  Contact Cyrus, (617)838-9825

Randy Crow Parsons, Sundancer, holds a lodge on the 2nd and 4th Sat of each month,
in the Fort Worth, Texas area

Call or write for info -- Randy at 817 221-3772 / sacredtreeusa@yahoo.com