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Women Of Peace

Women of Peace
November 21-22-23
Turin, Italy

3 inter-religious  meeting with  the most charismatic female representatives of various cultures in order to learn to  share the depth of the messages that every religion teach us in the attempt to exceed the cultural and racial barriers.
 A weekend where the contact with healers and great social and religious leaders will help us to understand  that  the love message of every creed can be realized on the common ground of  solidarity through the social engagement .

Women of Peace 2001 raised funds for the Unicef-Zonta International project to help eliminate Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus in Nepal (see: www.zonta.org)

Women of Peace 2002 raised funds for the water system of the Holy Family Hospital in Paida-Nyaffa - Uganda

This year we will raise funds for the Roumanian foundling

with the help of great women


Carole Ione Lewis

Cherifa Kheddar

Mary Elizabeth Thunder

Ilinka Vasilescu