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TR Directions & Map


TR Directions & Map

  • From 71 take Junction 543 for West Point/Muldoon and go to West Point Post Office.

  • Turn South onto 154 and go under the overpass (turn right if coming from Smithville or left if coming from La Grange).

  • Go about 2 miles & look for yellow crossroads sign.  Turn right at first paved road past sign (Old Lockhart).

  • Turn right onto Makinson Rd (approximately 1.2 miles).  There will be a white fence on the left side of the road opposite the turn to Makinson Rd.

  • Go about 3/4 of a mile.  Road will branch.  Take left branch.   The gate to ranch will be on the left.

  • After closing gate behind you, proceed up to registration area on right.