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About Us


Blue Star, Inc.
Blue Star Services, Inc.

Thunder Ranch
2041 Makinson Rd.
West Point Texas 78963

         Since 1988 Blue Star Services, Inc. has existed as a Non-profit 501 (c) (3) and a 509 (a) (1) Church and Spiritual University, originating and currently serving from Thunder Ranch of West Point, Texas.
        Our work here is a non-discriminatory Spiritual University where all faiths and religions are honored. A non-profit Educational Organization which is dedicated to the sharing, preserving and teaching of cultural and spiritual traditions of indigenous peoples of this American Continent and the world.
        Dedicated to maintaining a spiritual center where people of all races can come to connect to  life of past through experiencing 3,000-year-old ceremonies of purification and prayer.
Ceremonies of purification & prayer (the Sweat Lodge); of connecting to a power greater than themselves (the pipe); and seeking a vision for their lives & for the planet (Vision Quest).
         Over the years, many people recovering from addictions and/or other problems have come to the Thunder Ranch to temporarily live and work to aid their healing process. After moving away, many of them have continued to work to form the patchwork community of Blue Star, bringing the teachings to the people of their own community and spreading our own in an ever-winding circle of community.
        Today, Blue Star Church has many ministers, spiritual counselors and support groups throughout the U.S. and internationally.
        The Founder and President of the Blue Star Church, is Mary Elizabeth Thunder. Thunder travels across the country & the world lecturing on spirituality, bringing ceremonies & workshops to the people, & sharing her own healing experiences thusly providing a broader avenue for others to experience life.   
        “All I have ever wanted to do is share with others the healing and spiritual principles I have received from my Elders. Through them I learned to live not die!”
         Founded in 1989 it has been land that has brought Elders from all over the World to Texas to talk to the people about Peace; Dedicated a Spiritual University in 1992 by the Elders of Wolf Song II; it has been the scene of many ceremonies; helped many peoples; and has been active in many humanitarian projects.
        Blue Star has informal support groups around the USA and Europe. In 1991 about half of the income for Blue Star came from contributions, which are tax deductible. The rest comes from the work of Thunder, Chief Richard, and Ministers of the Church of the Blue Star.


Blue Star, Inc.

         Blue Star, Inc. is a 501©3 tax deductible Incorporation~We need your help & Donations are always welcomed gratefully/Our biggest need is to join with us in prayers for Peace & prayers for our planet/Our “Great Ranch Needs” include a lot of Lawn mowers/A Farm Tractor/Building Supplies/Office Supplies/IBM Computer & a Lap Top/Rock-natural Limestone or any kind of Rock/Fire Proof File Cabinet/Road Work/Hand Tools/A Skill Saw/Fire Wood/Paint/PVC 2“ & up~Pipe & Fittings/All usual House Hold Needs!
        And $$$ to help with bills/We live on faith but the Electric Company does not/In gratefulness to all who have helped us 17 years to Still be Here!
        Call us at 979-242-5474 for we will be happy to pick it up if you can't get it out here. Be well & Blessings...Thunder

Spiritual Leader and Founder Rev Mother Mary Elizabeth Thunder:

All I have ever wanted to do is share with others the healing and spiritual principles I have received from my Elders. Through them I learned to live, not die!


Thunder Ranch

Thunder Ranch is Ceremonial Land with a Spiritual University where all people of all ages come to learn about many Spiritual Traditions. Please Come to the Ranch! You might receive teachings from a Lakota Sioux Elder; Tibetan Lama; participate in a wide variety of spiritual & healing ceremonies; or maybe even meet people from your hometown with interests like your own! Thunder believes all Paths lead to the Creator!

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Thunder's Grace

Mary Elizabeth Thunder's Book. Please Click on the title below for more information



Thunder Ranch Programs

         This was written by Shard Collective to raise funds in support of programming & facility improvements at Thunder Ranch & to honor the At-Risk-Youth who participate in the Programs described below… 

 POMS ­ The Path of Maximum Service
Text Box: Text Box: Kids in POMS make up skits themselves about different

In 1987, Thunder started sharing a Vision she had been given from Spirit. Vision of a workshop where Three healing paradigms merged: Native American Ceremonial Traditions was blended with Modern Addiction Counseling Techniques along with the popular 12 Step Program. Many thousands of people have attended & gained control of their addictions thru ceremony, the concept of service to others & stewardship to the Earth. Many have found their Spiritual & Life Paths.

Thunder makes the statement, "The most Spiritual People I have ever met are ones working thru Addictions."

Thunder Ranch offers Addiction counselor training in sharing POM's through the POMS Certification Program.  The Ranch also offers workshops and retreats for those suffering from addiction problems. Over the years, many people recovering from addictions or other problems have come to live temporarily and work to aid their healing process. After moving away, they have continued to form the patchwork community of Blue Star, bringing their teachings to people of their own community and spreading our own in an ever-widening circle of community.

        By supporting POMS we’ll inevitably see an improvement in all of the Services that Thunder Ranch shares with the local community and beyond…

Text Box:Check out some of the other programs offered by The Church of the Blue Star & Thunder Ranch…

Rite of Passage...being given permission to become a man& cutting the cords of childhood.
        There are many programs that benefit people of all cultures, ages and backgrounds at Thunder Ranch, including: Elder's gatherings for sharing & Peace talks; Gardening Programs; Art in the Park; Drum Workshops where youth craft their own drum and participate in Drum Circles while learning to play and sing traditional Native songs; Rights of Passage Ceremonies where the child is given permission to "grow up" either by their parents or by their surrogate parents; and a service program where youth are given the chance to get "help" before going to jail by coming to the ranch to learn about service to the Earth & others by doing ranch chores.

The Sacred Inipi, or Sweat Lodge, where there is a public ceremony every Saturday evening.
        Many spiritual orientated human beings looking for a sacred space to grow and learn a sacred way of life often volunteer and make a commitment to live and reside at the ranch. Thunder Ranch’s doors are open not only to people who have experienced problems with alcohol and drug abuse, but also those who have been sexually abused or experienced many of life’s other serious problems. Some people sign on to stay at Thunder Ranch for a length of time to work at the Ranch and grow in their own spirituality and others find awarenewss and healing.

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At Thunder Ranch everyone is welcome to experience 3,000-year-old Native American ceremonies:

  •    The Sacred Inipi~~Sweat Lodge: A ceremony of purification and prayer

  •    The Sacred Cannunpa~~Sacred Pipe:  For individuals interested in connecting to a power greater than themselves,

  •    Vision Quest:  For individuals seeking a vision for their lives and for the planet.

The Good Works Extend Far Beyond the Boundaries of Thunder Ranch…

Over the past nine years, Blue Star has sponsored an annual Christmas Project involving the collection of food, gifts, money and emergency needs for over 74 elders; a Native American boarding school in South Dakota; and the Tipi Wakan Church in Cannon Ball, ND. Annually, Blue Star sends over 500 boxes of new clothes, toys, food, school supplies and home supplies for the 250 children at the school, as well as 100 blankets for Elders. Last year’s Christmas Project brought 2,000 wrapped presents to the Tipi Wakan Church. The Tipi Church and Tribal Chairman handed out presents to the Schools and to the whole Community on Christmas Eve.

The buffalo field at Thunder Ranch.


The buffalo field at Thunder Ranch.






The Buffalos StarKeeper & StarShine with Warrior Andrew Suter



The Buffalos StarKeeper & StarShine
with Warrior Andrew Suter



        The Church of the Blue Star has sponsored seven World Peace Indigenous Conferences with several hundred elders speaking and thousands of people attending.  Mary thunder was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005 as a member of 1000 Women for Peace.

        Blue Star has ministers, spiritual counselors and support groups throughout the USA and internationally, including Arkansas, South Carolina, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Indiana, Kentucky, California, Washington State, as well as affiliated groups in Holland, England, Australia, France, Switzerland, and Italy.

        For More Information on Thunder Ranch and how you could help support The Church of the Blue Star & Thunder Ranch Contact:

Brandi Forth
Shard Collective
7136 Walkup Lane
Austin, Texas 78747

Counselors & Boys in the Pavilion at Thunder Ranch.
Counselors & Boys in the Pavilion at Thunder Ranch.


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